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Crisis Line: (706) 864-1986

Sponsor Testimonials

One of the greatest joys in my life is having the means to share with the communities in which we operate McDonald’s restaurants.  Working with NOA is allowing us to give others a hand up and is beneficial to bancty and Lumpkin County in giving all of our citizens the means to live independently and free of violence”

Bob Swoszowski
Northeast Georgia Inc. (McDonald’s Franchisee)



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Volunteer Opportunities

NOA_ArkAngel-logo-final-01-300x300 Volunteer & Make A Difference:

NOA’ Ark Angels Volunteer League is an informal group made up of valued volunteers giving their time, talent and skills  to help victims of domestic violence through assisting No One Alone (NOA).

Individual or group opportunities are available within the league.  Projects may include:

~Painting, planting flowers, shrub care, interior decorating, cooking, furniture repair, woodworking, electrical, construction, and playground maintenance.

~ Thrift store volunteers: arrange store merchandise and home décor, window displays, move shelving and furniture, clean, offer customer service, and pick up and deliver donations to the store.

~ Volunteers are also needed in the following areas: Graphic arts design, photography, social media, and data entry.

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