Sponsor Testimonials

One of the greatest joys in my life is having the means to share with the communities in which we operate McDonald’s restaurants.  Working with NOA is allowing us to give others a hand up and is beneficial to bancty and Lumpkin County in giving all of our citizens the means to live independently and free of violence”

Bob Swoszowski
Northeast Georgia Inc. (McDonald’s Franchisee)

“Nordson Corporation Foundation has supported NOA for many years through annual grants, in kind donations, and event sponsorship.  NOA has continuously proven to be a strong organization making a significant impact on the lives of women and children in the area.  Without NOA there would be a huge gap in services to the people of northeast Georgia.  We congratulate NOA on their continued impact despite tough economic times and also applaud Marina Barron for her strong leadership and vision.”

Maggie McElhannon
Nordson Corporation Foundation


“United Community Bank has been a sponsor and strong supporter of NOA for several years.  We recognize the need in our communities to support organizations, such as NOA, to help fight the ever increasing problem with domestic violence.  This is something that affects everyone and we need to stay focused on it.  Through our support, NOA is able to reach out to more families in the community that desperately need help.  We are proud to be a part of NOA’s support team.”

Karen Ryder
United Community Bank


“We became aware of domestic violence when we first came to Lumpkin County. We saw first hand how violence, whether verbal or physical can devastate a family. That’s when we decided to sponsor as many NOA projects as we could so that they can continue their work in helping these families stay together and heal the way they should.”

Joan Sackett
Artistic Printing, Inc.


Community Supporters

As community partners, sponsors significantly contribute to the well-being of vulnerable victims served by NOA.Our heartfelt thanks goes to:

Nordson Corporation

Big Canoe Women’s Guild

Big Canoe Chapel

Sunshine Lady Foundation

Jackson EMC Foundation



Henry Neal Charitable Foundation

Lowell S. and Betty Dunn Foundation

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Retirement Plan Services