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NOA Facts:

It costs an average of $685 a day to operate the NOA shelter, that’s $250,000 a year!

In 2021, NOA offered emergency shelter and support services such as counseling and financial assistance to over 1,697 victims of domestic violence residing in Dawson and Lumpkin Counties and advocates responded to 3,289 crisis calls.

All services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL to victims in need.

Sustainability ensures that those in need will receive a warm meal, a friendly face and a safe place to rest their head.

We need your help to sustain shelter services.  Will You Agree to be a Monthly Sponsor ?

Yes I want to Become a Monthly Sponsor

Choose the amount that works for your budget!

  • $10.00/monthpays for dinner for a mom and child
  • $25/monthcovers the cost of a trauma assessment for a child
  • $50/monthcovers the cost of gas for a mom to get to work for the week
  • $100/monthcovers the cost of a support group

The numbers don’t lie and the need for NOA services continues to grow.

A special thanks to those who have already made the commitment!

margie greer
Margie Greer, Former NOA Board Chair has been a “Be the Change” sponsor since January 2015

Giggle Monkey Toys – Supporting Since December 2021

Naomi Huizar – Supporting Since September 2020

Brandy Thomas, NOA Board Secretary, Supporting Since August 2020

Charles and Deborah Jones – Supporting Since 2019

Laura Witt – Since 2017

Lynn Goebler – Since 2016

Dr. Larry E. Gibson- Since June 2016

Margie Greer – Since January 2015