Board Members


2023 NOA Board Members:

SheriiffJarrardStacy jpg

Stacy Jarrard, the Sheriff of Dahlonega has been on the NOA board for 13 years!

Debbie Jones, joined the NOA board in January 2019 and is currently serving as the NOA CEO.  Debbie previously served as the treasurer. 

Angel Schieber is our newest board member.  She joined the board in June of 2022.  She is a pastoral counselor and yoga studio owner and serves on various committees.

Tracy Unger, an entrepreneur joined the board in April 2022 and is serving her first term as Secretary.  Tracy serves on the New Shelter Capital Campaign Building Committee.

Brenda Moran Joined the NOA board November of 2020.  Local business owner (flower arrangements/weddings/events etc.)  Brenda serves on the New Shelter Campaign Building Committee.

Joanie Cullity, local Realtor joined the NOA board in April of 2022.  Joanie serves on the fundrasing and awareness committee.

Ellen Mirakovits, a Dahlonega native, joined our board in May 2023.

Levi Hansard, director of Sales and Events at Foothills resort, joined our board in May 2023.

Linda Hinkel, a Dahlonega native joined our board in June 2023.


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