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Board Members







 Dr. Helvie, a local veterinarian has been on the NOA board since May, 2011.  Mark began his term as Board Chair in January 2016.

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Stacy Jarrard, the Sheriff of Dahlonega has been on the NOA board for 10 years!

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Brandy Thomas, served on the NOA board of directors back in 2012 and rejoined the NOA board in January 2016 and is now our Secretary.







Caitee Blank, joined our team in October 2016.







Nick Gardiner, a local business owner member joined the NOA board November of 2017.


Ben Wallace joined the NOA board in January of 2019 and is now the NOA treasurer.

Prior to Ben retiring, he spent 17 years in the oil business working for Atlantic Richfield (now part of BP) and he also served in a variety of corporate and operational roles including Controller of the Marine Division and CFO of the company’s mid-west pipeline operations. Ben attended the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) where he received his undergraduate degree in Economics and MBA from the Anderson School. Ben and his wife Gladys have three children.






Debbie Jones, recently joined the NOA board in January 2019.


Jonetta Wohmack, joined the NOA board in January 2019.


Pamela Duran, joined the NOA board in January 209.


For more information about becoming a board member click on the following link: