NOA provided services to 2,000 men, women and children during 2023.

108 women and children were sheltered for a total of 3,625 guest nights, an average stay of 60 days per guest.

15 women and 12 child victims were housed in hotels due to lack of space.

2,913 calls for help were addressed by our 24-hour Crisis Line which provides crisis intervention safety planning as well as information on shelter services.

$192,077 in Financial Assistance was provided with case managers evaluating the need of each family seeking services. Families were provided financial assistance for emergency relocation expenses, utilities, car repairs, establishment of a new household, trauma counseling, and legal services to obtain emergency protection orders.

Legal Advocats helped 274 victims, resulting in 154 Temporary Protective Orders. The program includes support and information about victims’ rights and their legal options, assistance in filing Temporary Protective Orders, court accompaniment, education about the judicial process, legal representation, and referrals.

Trauma Counseling was provided for 156 victims who received 720 trauma counseling sessions provided by a licensed professional counselor to help victims overcome PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress), depression, anxiety and regain a sense of control over their lives.

81 women and children attended Weekly Support Groups to address the effects of domestic violence, self-esteem, boundaries, assertiveness, anger-management, and communication skills.

Life Skills and Parenting Education Sessions were provided to 222 adults with 369 parenting education sessions and provided 135 individuals with stress management and life skills support groups.

Violence Prevention was presented to a total of 1,509 students. This program provides preventative education to elementary, middle and high school students on the dynamics and dangers of abusive relationships. The curriculum “Hands are not for hitting”, “Bullying”, “Domestic Violence” and “Dating Violence”.

Volunteers contributed over 2,000 hours to the shelter program, children’s program, outreach and awareness programs and the thrift store, Southern Finds. The Board of Director members contributed 1000 hours of volunteer work.

NOA’s Bargain Thrift Shop provided assistance to 402 individuals with furniture, clothing, and household items. As part of our textile recycling program, the store kept over 350,000 pounds of unwanted items out of local landfills.

NOA’s Community Outreach Program met with 58 different organizations, churches and groups reaching a total of 4,529 community members. This program provided community education on dynamics of domestic violence and services available at NOA to criminal justice and social service agencies, schools, colleges, civic organizations, churches, and other groups.