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Our Events

NOA is host to many exciting events throughout the year!  In addition to raising awareness for the organization, events help to supplement the income that NOA receives.  Although 420991_10151145884653159_1004985535_nNOA receives a majority of our funding through grants and government agencies, events allow for extra fundraising.  Attending or participating in our events is a great way to get involved and help your community.


Upcoming Events: 

NOA Gala April 2018

2nd Annual Talent Show October 2018

12th Annual Chili Cook-off


Previous events :

NOA Chili Cook Off – November 11, 2017 at Hancock Park and St. Luke’s Church

North Georgia’s Got Talent (Auditions being held May – August)

Talent Show Finale:   October 14th 3 pm at the Dawsonville Performing Arts Center

May 2014 – NOA Fundraising Gala

2017 Annual Fundraising Gala March 25, 2017

2016 ChiliFest Chili Cook-Off Octboer 8th at St. Luke’s Catholic Church and Hancock Park 11-3 click here to learn more: